Small Town Living in a Big City: Part 1


Small town living has so many perks.  Your neighbors and friendly, you community is established, you have trees that have been growing for 50 years and so much more.  Well in this series I want to talk about one specific town in particular.

I lived in Olde Town Arvada for a few years and loved it.  When I am in this area I miss it dearly.  One thing that I was recently reminded of was that how different the mail system is.

While I was out taking pictures of the current progress on this house I was reminded of how quaint it felt to have you mail delivered right to your doorstep.  They put your mail in this slot and it comes right into your home, just like something you would see on T.V. in the 1950’s.

Beyond the sheer convenience of this, there is something sort of nostalgic to watch the mailmen and mail women with their mailbags walking the streets of your neighborhood.  It truly gives you the feeling that you are in a small town.

Now with all the perks of a “true” small town there is the downside that you aren’t conveniently located near the “big city”.  Well in Olde town Arvada this is not that case.  You are a mere 20 minutes from the heart of Denver.  I am sure this is why this area is becoming increasingly more popular.

Who really doesn’t want to live where you see your mailman walking to deliver your mail?

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Photo and Content by: Aimee Dunlap

Final Look

This is the final look of this house remodel.  It looks clean and fresh!  Ready for a new family to create memories in!

Look at all these beautiful trees!  This is not something you can find in a new home, it takes years for this type of beauty to grow!  The best of both worlds is in this house, a beautifully remodeled home that feels new with the luxury of an established community and scenery!

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